Same price for all mp3 packs and all songbooks

Music minus one. play alone, Begleitung, Band


10 songs download: Euro 21.-
mp3 pack with 14 songs  Euro 21.-


Same price for all mp3 packs

Pack of 10 individual songs
Or a pack of 14 songs with a thematic context.
The price is 21 Euro for each pack. There are no charges for shipping

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Access to notation database

All-in price: You get access to our sheet music databank with notations of over 1200 songs. It's the same style as the "real book" or "fake book"

 Songbooks with detailed notations

Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul, Chick Corea, Count Basie Bigband, Mahavishnu Orchestra,Jimmy Hendrix, Deep Purple, Led ZeppelinUnique songbooks. All-in price: Each song comes with extensive notations.

 These notations are not copies from the realbook. Not at all. Nowhere else you can find something of the kind.
Transcriptions, piano voicing, bass phrases
and so on.

Drums & percussion, African percussion

Drum, Conga, Djembe. afro- cuban and latin- grooves All-in price: notations of 46 well known songs from Brazil and Cuba, who match to the rhythms and grooves. There are more or less easy to play songs, but also written arrangements of complex polyrhythmic Salsa composi-tions.


Modern Jazz, Bebop, Postbop, Jazzrock, Bigband,

Jazz Standards 202 Songs
Latin Jazz 34
Classic Latin 31 Songbooks 55
Bigband Jazz 21
Fusion Jazz  33
Blues 22
Legends 87
Funky Jazz 56 
Rock 44
Perkussion Grooves


Accompaniment for Saxophone, trumpet, E-guitar, keyboards, E-Bass, drums, percussion, clarinet, trombone, strings, Violine

There are individually made songss for each group of instruments and singer

Solo- Instruments
Piano, Keyboards
Bass, double bass

Free offer

Free online music lessons.

Rhythm training

A very interesting course for all musicians and drummers.
 It has many levels from zero to Zappa. Every exercise see as musical notation and hear as mp3.