Recording music - listen to playback

The easiest way

Save the playback- mp3 on your iPod and listen with headphones.

You play along the playback and record your playing with your smartPhone or cell phone. Send the recorded mp3 file to the email address.

Sound system with input for iPod or USB

Every modern sound system has USB inputs. Here you connect an USB stick. Store the mp3 files on the USB stick and listen over the music system (with or without headphones

Handy Recorder / Field Recorder

That are small devices with built in microphone. Very comfortable to make very good recordings with little effort.

Make sure that you can connect the handy recorder with your notebook or tablet.
I recommend all models of ZOOM.
Some handy recordes can be used as audio interfaces as well. Very smart

Homerecording with Notebook

First of all, you need a certain interest in working with recording software.
For our purposes we need only the most basic functions and just an entry-level program. I recommend Cubase LE

 Audio interface

In any case you need an audio interface. That's the device where you connect a microphone (or guitar), headphones, the audio system or two active loudspeakers and of course the notebook or iPad.

Certain handy recorders can be audio interfaces as well.

 Homerecording with tablet or iPad

That works the same way as homerecording with notebook. Even the apps are similar, even simpler.

 The way you work

Open the program (the app) open a new project. Import the mp3 file. Before you buy the programm, make sure, that importing mp3 is possible.
Connect the microphone, choose a free audio track and record your playing.

With the mixe you can set a lot of things, add reverb aso.

At the end you export the whole thing as a mp3 and send it to the email address.

 Fun for the future

That seems to be quite complicate, but it isn't
You invest 300 to 500 Euros and you get a sophisticated pocket-sized recording studio
Making music becomes varied, practising is more fun.


Audio Interfaces

Interaktiver online Kurs


Alesis  iO2 express

Yamaha AG 06

Steinberg UR 22
Tascam US 122
Focusrite Scarlett
Presonus iTwo
Komplete Audio 6
Focusrite Saffire

Handy Rcorder as Audio Interface for Notebook and Computer

Zoom U 44
Zoom H4n


Begleitung für Saxophon, Trompete, E-Gitarre, Tasteninstrumente, E-Bass, Schlagzeug, Perkussion, Klarinette, Posaune, Geige, Violine


Recording mit Android is just beginning.

Compatible devices:

Handy Recorder as Audio Interface for Android

Zoom U 44
Zoom H4n


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Mac only / iPad

online Unterricht. Musik Theorie, rhythmische Übungen, Noten lesen


Recording mit iPad is not complicate. Interfaces:

Alesis  iO Dock II
Apogee One
Tascam iU 2
Focusrite iTrack Solo
Focusrite iTrack Dock


Handy Rcorder as Audio Interface for iPad

Zoom U 44
Zoom H4n